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Aug 4, 2021

Christine Bordelon, associate editor of the Clarion Herald, hosts the latest NOLA Catholic Parenting podcast on upcoming events surrounding back to school including vaccinations at the Hispanic Apostolate. She is joined by Dominican Friar Sergio Serrano and Lizeth Almendarez from the Hispanic Apostolate, and Michael Griffin, President/CEO of Ascension Health which operates 10 DePaul Community Health Centers around New Orleans.


1:45: Friar Sergio discusses the job fair for adults and ninth annual backpack distribution for children in July. He said the backpacks go quickly through a drive-thru event. The backpacks are donated by Blue Cross, Blue Shield. They have a gala Sept. 24 that raises money to support high school students and Catholic schools by giving scholarships for Catholic high school students who are Hispanic.


6:15: Michael Griffin discussed the importance of vaccinating children, citing the disruption of starting online learning in the middle of school week if a child in a classroom tests positive for COVID-19.  They have held several vaccinations events at the Hispanic Apostolate. Several thousands of people have been vaccinated here, and more than 25,000 in the whole community. Trying to get eligible children ages 2-12 to get vaccinated especially with the Delta strand of COVID ramping up.


9:00: Griffin talked about his kids learning at home in one room. He said those who have been vaccinated have a less serious reaction to the virus if they test positive.


9:50: Christine asks Michael that some parents are concerned about the safety of the vaccine because it was developed so quickly.


10:10: He said the vaccines are safe. The development of the vaccine over the years has been thorough. There have been COVID viruses out there for years, and vaccines have been developed for years. Just changing the vaccine to the different strands. He mentioned

vaccinations are available at all 10 locations of DePaul Community Health Centers. Make an appointment to get the Pfizer vaccine since it has to be thawed out. A community vaccination even is every Friday. Events also with schools. DePaul’s main number for vaccines is (504) 207-1080.


13:45: Lizeth discusses the importance of outreach to the Hispanic community since people don’t speak the language. She, as a volunteer, translates and helps with organizing people to get the vaccination.


16:00: Friar Sergio said Sister Irma from Texas helps at the Hispanic Apostolate events sponsored by DePaul. He said DePaul has been the organized and helpful at vaccination events.


16:35: Christine asked about the spiritual health of Hispanics.


17:02:  Friar Sergio said they are there to fill people’s lives with God. They didn’t close during the pandemic. They had livestreaming events throughout with prayer, online retreats and Mass. There is an Emmaus Retreat for Men in Sept.10-12, and for women in Oct. 29-31 at Camp Abbey. He is asking people to get vaccinated and wear masks for all in-person events. The Hispanic Apostolate is 2525 Maine Ave. in Metairie and can be called at (504) 467-2550.  To reach DePaul, visit: www.depaulcommunity