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Jul 20, 2021

Keywords: Deena Cheramie, Mount Carmel Academy, summer camp, University of Holy Cross, Dr. Ryan White, keeping camps safe, prayer in camp.

NOLA Catholic Parenting ‘s Christine Bordelon recently moderated a discussion about summer activities for children as seen through the lens of parent Charla Misse, director of Mount Carmel Academy’s Catholic summer camp program and assistant principal Denna Cheramie and director of the University of Holy Cross’ counseling center’s Dr. Ryan White. Watch for suggestions to help get the most of summer with children.


1:15: Charla Misse talks about the different activities, including a St. Anthony of Padua church tour,  a visit to the New Orleans Museum of Art, City Park’s Botanical Gardens  and other weekly field trips to get inspiration from architecture, art and nature, she is doing with her son.


5:05: Denna Cheramie has directed MCA’s camp for more than 20 years and talks about the popular activities and faith elements of this high school’s summer camp for kids. This year, more than 700 campers are participating in popular cooking, sewing, art, sports and dance, slime making, MakerBot and interior design.


6:44: Dr. White mentions that summer, ideally, is a time to relax and recharge. But, this summer after COVID, is a transition. It’s a time to help children and families be prepared to adjust to the new normal over the past year of the pandemic.


8 Christine asked Dr. White what he’s been hearing from families during counseling on how they have structed their 2021 summer plans for kids.


8:25: He said families had to get creative this year as things are beginning to reopen.


9:15: Christine asked Charla if her son is asking to do things.


9:30 Charla Misse said the library is stimulating the conversation about what he has an interest in.


10:45 Denna Cheramie said Mount Carmel is keeping campus safe in 2021 by expanding the number of sessions available per time frame to keep groups smaller. Masks are not mandatory but, at time, depending on the activity, masks are worn; lunch is scattered.


14: Dr. White discussed what’s he’s hearing in family counseling since 2021 has opened up activities and people aren’t experiencing cabin fever with their families and online learning has, for the most part, disappeared. Parents’ thoughts on safety at camps vary. He suggested scouting out the facility and check out safety precautions that suit them. He said another safety concert parents are expressing is hurricane season.


16:30: Christine asked about keeping faith alive during the summer.


17: In addition to doing church tours, Charla Misse wrote a holy water blog of how her family has been blessing each other with holy water when they leave the house and incorporate the Divine Mercy prayer in their life. Faith became a respite during the pandemic. It made a difference


20.15: Deena Cheramie discusses faith elements at Mount Carmel’s summer camp. Pray in the beginning of camp, at lunch and other times during the day. 100 camp counselors – Mount Carmel students - are doing service hours. Regularly doing school there is a service-learning opportunity as well. Through interaction – how we treat one another with respect, loving like Jesus loves, forgiving, being welcome and inclusive – we show our faith. Discipline goes back to what would Jesus do.


Dr. White: gives final suggestions about what families can do through the end of summer. Incorporating prayer, church going, etc. Work with clients to increase their mindfulness – to be in the moment, to incorporate their spirituality in this mindfulness individually or as a family.