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Jan 20, 2020

Episode #9
:20 - Christine: So much to tackle in January. Celebration of National Pro-life Week, School Choice week. What better way to celebrate life than Sarah Zagorski. She is a survivor of abortion’.
1:03: Her mom died in 2010, and she tries to look at her in the best light because she made a choice to keep her alive. She was her seventh pregnancy, and her mom struggled in life. She said her mother is an example of pregant women at the clinic she sees who seek abortion because they are in a desparate situation. The abortionist her mother went to was cheap. He delivered Sarah at 26 1/2 weeks and told her she would be a vegetable and have brain damage and left her unbreathing on the table. Her mom saw her humanity and saved her. She was in Children’s Hospital and started a road to recovery from tramatic birth. At age 16 months, Sarah went into foster care. She is thankful to be alive. Instead of being bitter, she chose to understand why he mother did what she did. Her mother had previous abortions that she regretted.
4:20 Gaby had never heard Sarah’s story. It blows her mind since Sarah is strong woman.
4:40: Sarah Zagorski is thankful for her faith and forgiveness. Unless you allow yourself to understand another’s pain, don’t judge. Just try help in whatever way you can.
5:30: Sarah McDonald. Theme of March for Life is Pro-Woman. It’s about helping the mother with the help she needs. Listening to Abby Johnson and others who have converstion stories from Pro-choice to Pro-Life Movement. You see the path of forgiveness, and God’s hand in all of it and in the birth and adoptive parents.
7:00; Sarah’s Zagorski’s adoptive parents stayed with her. They rescued her.
8:00: March for Life is Jan. 24. “Pro-Life is Pro-Woman”.
8:30 Sarah Zagorski talks about pro-lfie being pro-woman. Pro-Woman is trying to reclaim that role.
9:10: Sarah McDonald; Biologically, psychologicaloy socialogically you cannot take awaya woman’s fertility. Feminism embraces the whole woman; how God made her. To be full alive and who you are you have to accept everything about you, including fertility. She has two young girls ages 6 and 1. She tries to help them understand who they are. Her oldest grew up with three boys. So it means a lot to Sarah that we are seeing a shift that women are appreciated for all of their gifts and what they chose to be. Respect for women to be the best they can be. 
12:15: Sad that society tells women to end the life of their baby in abotion instead of telling women how we can help you. There are other options such as adotion to embrace life.
13:30 Gaby - I see so much compassion and love in your voice. She thinks people see is stigma of people who pray outside abortion clinics for the women and men who go in. That’s not true.
14:00 Sarah Zagorski - Most abotions involve coersion by spouse, partner, family. Surround peoile instead with love and support. That’s why i have compassion for these women. She mentions a rally before the March for Life onJan. 23, the night before Jan. 24 March for Life. an exciting time for local pro-life community to get involved. Seeing so many peole makes you realize you are not alone in the pro-life movement. the news media doesn’t cover it, so you would never know how many people were there. Cell service is lost due to the crowds.
16:00 - Sarah said the nubmer of people is incredible and the crowd  is so happy. That is amazing at the March for Life. It is joyful.
16:40: Christine and Gaby said young people are getting involved and will carry on the legacy.
17:00: Christine mentioned National Catholic Schools week. Local Mass Jan. 31 at 10 a.m. at St. Catherine of Siena with local schools participating.
18:00: Sarah McDonald said Archbishop Aymond has a beautiful way of speaking to the students. He looks forward to Catholic Schools Week to remind students to be the witness of the church of today and strive for holiness. Celebrate the legacy of Catholic schools in the archdiocese.