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Hello and welcome to NOLA Catholic Parenting podcasts. NOLA Catholic Parenting podcasts are a natural progression of our weekly column in the Clarion Herald and our three-times-a week blog written by Catholic moms and dads who are raising their children in our faith. The podcasts will share our thoughts, experiences and challenges as Catholic parents every other week at and Thanks for listening. If you have a topic you would like covered, please email

Jan 20, 2020

Episode #9
:20 - Christine: So much to tackle in January. Celebration of National Pro-life Week, School Choice week. What better way to celebrate life than Sarah Zagorski. She is a survivor of abortion’.
1:03: Her mom died in 2010, and she tries to look at her in the best light because she made a choice to keep...

Jan 7, 2020

Episode #8

Christine Bordelon talks to columnists and bloggers Gavin Lewis and Gaby Smith about getting kids back on track after the Christmas break.

:29 – Gavin Lewis has four kids at home, so it’s not so much of a break. His family tries to take a trip out of town to at least one family’s house. They went to...

Dec 24, 2019

Episode #7

Host Christine Bordelon talks with the Archdiocese of New Orleans’ Catholic Counseling Service director Joey Pistorius and bloggers and columnists Sarah McDonald and Gaby Smith about how they have peaceful holidays with family.

Christine Bordelon finds holidays can be fun but also stressful. Professor Dr....

Dec 10, 2019

Episode #6

Host Christine Bordelon, associate editor of the Clarion Herald Catholic newspaper, talks to NOLA Catholic Parenting bloggers and columnists Sarah McDonald and Gaby Smith about Catholic traditions during Advent leading up to Christmas.

:15 – Sarah: Everyone is happier December!

:35 – Gaby’s love...

Nov 26, 2019

Episode #5

Christine Bordelon and columnists and bloggers Sarah McDonald and Gaby Smith focus on Thanksgiving traditions

:25 - Over the past year, our columnists and bloggers have given great suggestions about being thankful. One of our bloggers Dawn wrote a beautiful blog about a giving tree and I took...